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Friday, August 6, 2021

What's happening at the Mystic Aquarium?



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Spanky Sunbathing


Become Familiar with These Mystic Aquarium Names! 

Juno the beluga tends to be the name that everyone immediately thinks of with Mystic Aquarium, but you should get to know the names of other incredible animals and people. We invite you to meet women in science, explore the seamounts, and enjoy fun beluga enrichment. If you are lucky, you might be adding a new name to Mystic Aquarium!




Two beluga whales

Beluga Names are Coming! 

On August 19, Mystic Aquarium is hosting a gala-like auction. Attendees and online bidders have three chances to name one of the newly arrived belugas. We will announce the names after the event and are beyond excited to officially welcome the whales. The last two names will come from the Beluga Raffle and local school children. All funds support beluga care and research.





Women in Science

Learn the Names of Women in Science 

Scientist? Animal care professional? Researcher? Who will inspire you with their expertise? During our 5th Annual Women In Science Day, meet over 50 female scientists! These women will share their knowledge, expertise in the science field, and career pathways. You can attend the event on August 17 with general admission into the aquarium. Additionally, we are highlighting a few of these women on our social media, including Carey Richard





Spongebob and Patrick

Not to Name Drop, but Spongebob? 

Mystic Aquarium and other experts hosted a live stream surrounding the NOAA Okeanos Explorer's dive in the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument. Over 500 people joined the event, including the real versions of Spongebob and Patrick! The video is available online for those who missed it, and let us know if we missed any other famous marine life.





Big Lux

Big Lux and Our Name was all the Buzz 

Belugas at Mystic Aquarium are often providing visual or sound-based enrichment. As a fun activity, a few musicians played for the whale in the Underwater View area. We shared a video of local violinist Big Lux playing for Juno and Kela. The video took off, and multiple news sources covered it. If you missed the video, watch Fox 61's story of the moment or see the original. You can also catch Big Lux at our last Sips at Sunset.



This Month's Events




Twice a day on August 11, 18 & 25

During BeluYOGA, a yoga instructor will guide the class through a session benefiting everyone both physically and mentally, just like a beluga training session! Learn more or register.




Sips at Sunset

Sips at Sunset

August 6 & 20

Celebrate the end of the workweek with cocktails at Mystic Aquarium! Sip your drink at sunset while viewing belugas and listening to live music from a local artist. Sips at Sunset is the perfect kickoff to the weekend. Learn more or buy tickets.




American Toad

World of Amphibians

August 10

Amphibians, including salamanders, play an important role in the ecosystem – controlling insect and pest populations – but are being impacted by pollution and disease. Join us in our newest citizen science initiative as we conduct field surveys to sample amphibians (salamanders, frogs, and toads!) for chytrid fungus. This is a great opportunity to get up close and muddy in the name of conservation! Register Today!




Women in Science

Women in Science

August 17

Meet and chat with over 50 female scientists during our 5th Annual Women in Science Day. Visitors will learn from Mystic Aquarium’s own women scientists, researchers, and animal care professionals as well as women from our local science communities! Learn more!




Beluga Auction

Beluga Whale Auction

August 19

Three belugas will receive their names during a gala-like auction at Mystic Aquarium. Attendees and online bidders have the opportunity to win the ultimate prize of gifting a whale with its new title.  Learn more!




Clean up

Mystic Wide Clean up

August 21

You are invited to join Mystic Aquarium’s fourth annual Mystic wide clean up! Our goal is to remove 1000 pounds of marine debris, including ocean plastics, from local shorelines and we need your help! Volunteers of all ages can choose which time slot and location that works best for your schedule. Learn more!


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