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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

UPDATED: The Donald hates wind turbines

UPDATE: The Donald can't always get what he wants
By Will Collette

This article ran in July 2011 as Charlestown was diving off the deep end of anti-wind energy NIMBYism. Donald Trump was a kindred spirit to our local Ill Winders.

But, according to the British media, the Donald didn't get his way. The Scottish Government has given its approval to an off-shore wind farm that Trump opposed, claiming it would ruin the view from his new billion-dollar golf resort.

Trump said he plans to sue. Naturally.

Continue on to read my original article.

The Guardian of London reports that tycoon and erstwhile Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has declared his vehement opposition to wind turbines.

Trump is building a golfing resort development on a pristine stretch of Scottish northern coastline near Aberdeen. Trump says the development will cost more than one billion pounds (roughly $1.5 billion).

He is outraged that a new 11-turbine offshore windfarm is proposed to be built within sight of his resort.

"Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries on earth, with its greatest asset being its magnificent coastline, a coastline known for its great beauty throughout the entire world," said Trump. Of course Trump did not discuss the impact on this magnificent coastline of his billion-pound resort.

The wind farm establishment is part of Britain's commitment to wind energy as part of its effort to switch from fossil fuels to alternative energy. Like the rest of Europe, wind energy is an integral part of international energy strategy.

Trump now joins the like of the Koch Brothers, the oil industry moguls and right-wing financiers who bankrolled the opposition to the Cape Wind offshore wind farm in Massachusetts waters. And the town of Charlestown.

Maybe, if we ask the Donald nicely, he'll come and build Charlestown a nice new golf resort. We still have the derelict driving range to serve as an anchor. And Larry LeBlanc's land.

Author: Will Collette