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Sunday, March 24, 2013


Axe Attack, Good Dog
Truly a Man’s Best Friend

One Boston man’s decision to settle an argument with a golf club turned out badly when the victim’s dog had a different agenda. The man was embroiled in an argument with two Woonsocket men last week at a party when he grabbed a golf club and allegedly hit both men in the head. That’s when the victim’s pit bull intervened and attacked the man, biting his calf, hand and chin. (Check out the mug shot to the right if you don’t believe us.)

The dog’s owner was seriously injured in the attack while the victim sustained life-threatening injuries. He is facing two felony assault charges. Police released the dog to the owner, citing that the dog “acted as anyone would expect their dog to” during an attack. The dog was current on all shots.

The Name’s Smith, Craig Smith

Police in Middletown had a difficult time (and probably still do) trying to figure out how one Newport man ended up on one of their streets trying to flag down cars while reportedly under the influence. As police spoke to the man at the scene, and even in the squad car to the police department, his story kept changing.

Officers initially found the man after a caller reported that he had been involved in an accident and left the scene. The 33-year-old man told police he was leaving a party, but could not tell officers where it was or who attended. When asked about the accident, he reportedly told officers his friend Craig was driving.

Officers asked him multiple times for Craig’s last name, eventually ascertaining that this theoretical Craig’s last name was (wait for it) Smith.

Questioning became a bit more complicated when the man tried to explain why he had several $1 bills on him, stating at first it was for “buying a girl.”

He then changed his story, telling police he was looking for girls on Indian Avenue, but then told police he had found one and she had been in the car at the time of the crash. Later, the story changed once again and the number of girls in the car doubled. According to the man, both women fled the scene … with Craig Smith.

Man Takes ‘Axe’ To The Face

We’ve learned from Axe Body Spray’s ad campaign that it helps men smell fresh while also attracting the ladies. Following an arrest in Newport this week, we can also add “makeshift can of mace” to its repertoire.
One Providence man, recently released from the ACI, allegedly tried using a bad check at one store (after failing to pass the same check at another store) and used his body spray in his exit strategy. 

When confronted about the check, he allegedly sprayed an employee in the face several times, then climbed on a display shelf (causing it to collapse).

The man left behind his ACI discharge card and police were able to find him on a RIPTA bus nearby.