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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wrong on squid, right on taxes

With Sen. Sue Sosnowski (L) and daughter Delia

Conventional wisdom might say that those who are elected to represent the “working class” will support tax equity and those who are elected to represent the “job creators” won’t.

Narragansett and South Kingstown might boast the state’s most eclectic mix of both and their representation in the House, progressive Democrat Teresa Tanzi, says she supports the tax equity bill for reasons that should appeal to both the rich and poor.

Tanzi asked Governor Chafee to beef up the office of revenue analysis this year. Such a move would cost money in the short term, but she says it would help the state better manage its tax expenditures in the long term. She also thinks a stable funding source for better public transportation throughout the state will benefit everyone.

To see the full video interview with Teresa, click here to go to the original article and click on the video.

Dave Fisher is a writer, chef, musician, political junkie, animal lover, ignorance hater, and a 2013 mayoral candidate in the city of Woonsocket. He's a lifelong Woonsocket resident, who lovingly refers to himself as a Woonsocket Rocket and proud Villa Novan.