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Monday, September 17, 2012

UPDATED: Ballot lottery puts the CCA at the bottom

And Cliff Vanover just about loses it
By Will Collette

UPDATES: To read the official certification of the ballot order, click here.

According to Town Clerk Amy Rose Weinreich, CCA Steering Committee member Cliff Vanover did not file a complaint against the town after his protest that the lottery was rigged against the CCA (read below) nor was a complaint filed against him for his highly "uncivil" conduct (these are my words, not Amy's).

To read about the batting order for the Planning Commission election, click here.

On Thursday, the Charlestown Board of Canvassers held the lottery to determine where on the ballot the independent candidates for Town Council will appear.

The candidates endorsed by a recognized party appear first, so the three candidates endorsed by the Charlestown Democratic Town Committee for Town Council, Paula Andersen, Tom Ferrio and Tim Quillen, appear at the top of the list.

By the luck of the draw, Jim Mageau’s name will be in the fourth slot, followed by one of his two running mates, Dr. Jack Donoghue. Mageau’s other running mate, David Mars, has withdrawn from the race and although his name was chosen to appear after Mageau’s in fifth place out of eleven, he won’t be on the November 6 ballot.

Whaddya mean I'm last? 
The rest of the pack are a mix of CCA candidates and semi-independents Gregg Avedisian and Lisa DiBello.

The last name on the list is CCA incumbent Town Council Boss Tom Gentz.

According to reliable sources, CCA Steering Committee member and unsuccessful 2010 CCA Council candidate Cliff Vanover witnessed the drawing and upon seeing the results, began screaming at town hall staff that the drawing was rigged against the CCA.

Yes, Cliff, it’s all a vast conspiracy.

Here is the complete November 6 ballot placement for candidates for Town Council:

1.                  Paula Andersen, endorsed Democrat
2.                  Tom Ferrio, endorsed Democrat
3.                  Tim Quillen, endorsed Democrat
4.                  Jim Mageau, independent/Mageau slate leader
5.                  David Mars, independent/Mageau slate – name will not appear on the November ballot due to his withdrawal
6.                  Dr. Jack Donoghue, independent/Mageau slate
7.                  Ron Areglado, CCA
8.                  Dan Slattery, CCA incumbent
9.                  Gregg Avedisian, now independent, Republican in 2010, CCA in 2008
10.              George Tremblay, CCA (elected as a CCA Planning Commissioner in 2010)
11.              Lisa DiBello, independent, but aligned with the CCA though Mageau is a major supporter
12.              Tom Gentz, CCA incumbent

Click here for the batting order for the Planning Commission candidates.