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Monday, September 17, 2012


Reverse Wedding Present, Thieving Brothers
By Abigail Crocker in the Narragansett-South Kingstown Patch

A South Kingstown man was arrested for allegedly stealing a woman's iPhone and then putting it in a bush outside the Ocean Mist in Narragansett.

Police said when they confronted the man about this, he brought them outside, to where he had hid the phone in the shrubbery. He told police he had been upset about the Patriots' preseason game

Man Rips Off Bride 

A North Providence man was charged with stealing a $300 check that was later deposited by his girlfriend. On July 30, he allegedly stole the money meant as a wedding present at Canonchet Beach Clubhouse.

He was previously fired from a catering company due to his track record of stealing from wedded couples.

Making Mom Proud, One Larceny at a Time 

Two brothers were charged with breaking and entering, and stealing antique firearms and jewelry in a Newport apartment complex.

The woman who lived there said the apartment had been broken into and the door had been pried open.

According to reports, an antique gun, a safe with three firearms inside, a safe with ammunition, and assorted jewelry had been taken from the home.

The woman's fiancé said he believed the brothers had been the ones who had broken in. Neighbors told police they had seen two men in the hallway that day. One of them was identified by tattoos on his face.

Man Denies One Break-in, Admits to Another 

A Woonsocket man may have provided a little too much detail in his denial of a recent break-in at the apartment of a co-worker while talking to Woonsocket Police on Aug. 29.

When police asked him in to discuss the Aug. 26 break-in and read him his rights, he said he and the woman in the apartment had recently dated. Prior to the most recent break-in, he said, he saw the woman and another man driving together, so he entered the apartment through a window while they were there. The woman's friend grabbed him by the throat and threw him out, the man said, and he hadn't been back to the apartment since.