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Saturday, September 22, 2012


Wedding Crashers: Block Party Edition
According to reports, a pair of intoxicated Kent County residents crashed a block party in North Kingstown while visiting a friend down the road. The pair, along with some friends, sat by the fire as the homeowner was trying to clean up the yard. 

When a 50-year-old woman attacked him for putting out the fire with the garden house, the man allegedly sprayed the woman with the hose in an attempt to stop her from repeatedly hitting him with his own lawn chair. 

Also during the altercation, another man pulled the homeowner’s mailbox from its post. The woman was charged with disorderly conduct, willful trespassing and simple assault, while the man was charged with disorderly conduct and vandalism.

Man Vandalizes Bar Bathroom, Police Department’s Padded Cell

Sometimes, one misdemeanor in one night just doesn’t cut it. A Hope Valley man tacked on a slew of charges after a night of drinking in South Kingstown. According to reports, he was escorted out of one restaurant for acting belligerent and hitting the seat dividers and other items. 

After he was issued a no-trespass order for the establishment, police watched from afar as the 24-year-old man allegedly reentered the building – then hid in the bushes across the street when police arrived once again. 

When police asked why he returned to the restaurant, he allegedly began swearing and called them “government pigs” and resisted arrest. 

During his arrest, he reportedly continued to swear at officers and called them names, kicked the squad car door and banged his head against the side window and partition of the police car. While in a padded cell, the man allegedly used a golf pencil to etch “**** the SK Police” and his initials into the wall.

Bloods? Crips? What’s the Diff?

Next time you try to spring some gang knowledge on the South Kingstown Police, make sure you know your stuff. One Connecticut man apparently learned the hard way when he tried giving police a fake identity. When the man gave officers a name with the initials KSS, police then asked him why he had the initials “JCK” tattooed on his hand. According to the man, he was a member of the Crips and runs around town wearing red – at which point officers advised him that the color of the Bloods street gang is red. The man was charged with obstruction and driving with a suspended license.

Knock Knock, Who’s There?

An elderly Woonsocket man gave his neighbor two knocks – one to the man’s door and another to his head. According to reports, the victim opened his door after hearing his 73-year-old neighboring knocking on it. When he opened the door, his neighbor rapped him across the head with a wooden cane. 

The caned assailant told police he had some problems with his neighbor so he hit him. Though he initially denied striking the man’s head, he later told police “I guess I did hit him on the head” after officers told him the man was sporting a bloody 1.5-inch cut above his ear.