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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Deja Va DUI & Dog Doo Not

By Samantha Turner in the Narragansett-South Kingstown Patch

Take a look at some of the more oh-my-gosh police reports from around Rhode Island.

Déjà Vu DUI Driver Skips Court Date 

It was deja vu for one Warwick man this past weekend as he was hit with his second DUI charge in less than a week. The 44-year-old was arrested Aug. 19 by Rhode Island State Police after he crashed his car on Route 10 in Cranston. During his breath test, he allegedly blew a .222 – almost triple the legal limit. Just a week earlier, Fracassa had a similar encounter with North Kingstown officers when he was pulled over on Post Road.

Along with a DUI charge, Fracassa was hit with a charge of possession of a controlled substance (cocaine, which he allegedly tried to hide from officers) and multiple roadway violations. Making a bad situation worse, the man reportedly failed to show up to his court date to answer for both incidents. According to his lawyer, he was in rehab that day.

Two Overwhelming Odors, One DUI 

Narragansett police didn’t need to call in the K-9 unit to smell two aromas during a DUI stop. When officers approached the window of the 42-year-old woman suspected of drunken driving, they were greeted by freshly-sprayed perfume pouring from the woman’s car.

According to reports, the officers got a whiff of another smell as the Charlestown woman stepped out of her car – alcohol. After allegedly failing her field sobriety test, she was placed under arrest and brought to police headquarters, where she allegedly had an asthma attack.

Evictee Smears Dog Droppings to Spite Ex-Landlord 

What better way to tell your ex-landlord you’re mad than with poop? One Cranston woman did just that when she allegedly smeared dog droppings over the windows and front doorknob of her former landlord’s property.

According to police, the woman’s fecal finger-painting was prompted by her recent eviction. Though the woman fled the scene, police found her a short time later and charged here with vandalism.

Woman Gets Physical Over Sports Bra 

We all lose socks in the laundry … but sports bras are another story. One Woonsocket woman realized that several articles of clothing were missing while she was using the washer and dryer units in her apartment building – including a sports bra.

When the woman and her mother, the landlord, went to ask another tenant if she knew who took the clothing, the duo found their answers. According to reports, the 41-year-old neighbor was wearing the sports bra in question. Apparently the woman had grown attached to the bra: when the rightful owner confronted her, the bra thief allegedly charged at her and shoved her.

Angry Assault Victim Vandalizes Wrong Car 
File this under the “wanna get away?” category. One Middletown man decided to get back at a group of men who allegedly assaulted him at the Atlantic Beach Club by assaulting their car. The 26-year-old fled the scene, but officers found him a short time later.

When the man admitted to police that he had punched the side view mirror out of anger, police gave him two pieces of bad news: First, he was under arrest for vandalism; second, he punched the wrong car. According to reports, the vandalized car belonged to an innocent bystander.