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Saturday, October 6, 2012


Mother of the Year?
Baby on Board for Bank Robbery
This East Providence mother probably won’t be in the running for “Mom of the Year” any time soon. According to EP police, the 34-year-old woman robbed a credit union last week. She was wearing a wig and allegedly claimed to have a bomb.

The woman reportedly took off in a red pick-up truck before being caught by police three hours later. During this whole ordeal, the woman’s three-year-old child was reportedly in the getaway car.

One-Legged Bandit Robs Garage
This is a first for OMG PD: an alleged one-legged robber. According to Cranston police, a man with one leg who uses crutches broke into a garage through a rear window.

The man reportedly made off with a plunder of $100 in cash, a digital camera and other items.

Police believe he may be a regular of the public bus transportation services. He is described as in his 40s and balding and lacking a right leg.

Family Feuds While Watching Football
This season’s NFL games have left many football fans fuming, including a father-son duo in Woonsocket. According to reports, the two had been drinking while watching football before engaging in a heated argument in the kitchen.

The son reportedly broke off a ceiling fan blade in anger and punched his father five times. (It is unknown if the argument was sparked by the terrible calls made by the NFL replacement refs.)

Quit While You’re Ahead
A man could have walked away with a simple no-trespass order last weekend if he had not bid a Johnston police officer with some unkind parting words.

According to reports, the 30-year-old man had been banging on the windows and doors of a Johnston home, prompting the homeowner to call police and request a no-trespass order.

When officers arrived, they reportedly found the man trying to hide behind a boat in the driveway. As one of the officers told the man to leave the property, he reportedly replied with expletives, which landed him in handcuffs on a disorderly conduct charge.

Serious Road Rage
One East Greenwich man seemed to have a bit too much time on his hands this week after he followed another driver during a bout of road rage.

According to reports, the 44-year-old man began riding the other driver’s tail after he merged from the highway. The man continued to follow the driver through several streets and back roads, at one point allegedly getting out of his car and knocking on the man’s windows.

The other driver called 911 and pulled into the police station — which did not deter the EG man as he reportedly continued to yell at the other driver and spit on his car.