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Monday, December 16, 2013


Beer Necessities

I Immediately Regret My Decision

No one wants to find himself or herself in the back of a police car. In fact, some people even fight officers to avoid the ordeal. And then, there’s this guy.  The 21-year-old man from Narragansett was found a short ways from a hit-and-run accident. 

He denied any involvement in the accident, despite the fact that the trail of radiator fluid from the accident led directly to his SUV. He told police he had not been driving that night.

Due to the cold weather that evening, police asked the man (who also appeared to be intoxicated) if he wanted to sit in the police cruiser. He accepted and opened the back door and let himself in.

While police searched for another potential driver of the SUV at a nearby house, the man began punching and kicking the inside of the police cruiser and screamed, “Don’t talk to my parents.” He was charged with disorderly conduct.

Though officers couldn’t place him behind the wheel of the SUV that night, they did report that the man told them the next morning during booking that he “messed up and was going to walk home” until a friend challenged his manhood, which prompted him to drive.

Beer Necessities

Unless you have a placard, there are very few excusable reasons for parking in a handicapped spot. Beer is not one of them. One man tried to make the case to East Greenwich police officers, though, after he was confronted about parking in a handicapped spot in front of a liquor store.

When asked why he was parked illegally, he told the officer it was indeed because of an emergency: his passenger had to buy beer.

Grab the Popcorn: This Is About to Get Ugly

All’s fair in love and war – including the parents of your romantic rival.  A 29-year-old East Providence woman was allegedly staking out the house of a woman whom she believed to be dating her boyfriend.

The first person to step outside the house was her romantic rival’s father, whom she began chasing around the car. The woman allegedly yelled at him and even threw a soda bottle at him.

Not even the man’s wife was off limits from her tirade, as the woman punched and kicked her in the groin when she came outside to intervene.  

Police arrived and arrested the woman, who told them that she was at the house to speak to the daughter and, when that didn’t happen, she took her frustrations out on the first people she saw – the parents.