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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Kitty of the Week

Meet Oreo
Animal Rescue Rhode Island

Meow! My name is Oreo, and I'm a one year old tortoiseshell kitty with a beautiful white bib.

I'm a savvy cat who knows the score - I don't mind entertaining myself, but a human companion at the other end of the couch and a nice scratch behind the ears can always make my day!

My personality is a unique one where I love to be picked up and cuddled, but I'll let you know if I'm done being pet.

I'm adventurous and I like to watch the world from my perch by the window, but I'm happy to explore your home and play with all the toys available to me.

Want a cat who's charming, sweet, and brimming with confidence? That's me.

Please stop by our brand new shelter located at 506B Curtis Corner Road in Peace Dale or call 401-783-7606 for more information about Oreo or our many other adoptable pets waiting for their new forever homes. You can also visit our website at