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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Orange is the new GONE!

The ‘Accomplishments’ Of John Boehner
Of course, the next one the Republicans pick will
be even worse
An aide to departing House Speaker John Boehner issued a statement this morning that included this line: He is proud of what this majority has accomplished, and his Speakership.

Okay, that begs the question: What has he accomplished, other than throwing a huge monkey wrench into the wheels of government?

Let’s take a look at his “accomplishments.”
  • A government shutdown in a failed attempt to defund the Affordable Care Act that cost America taxpayers $24 billion.
  • Over fifty failed attempts to defund the Affordable Care Act.
  • Failure to address, much less pass comprehensive immigration legislation.
  • Failure to bring a jobs bills (other than to label tax breaks for millionaires as a jobs bill) to the floor of the House.
  • Failure to address the growing income inequality in the United States but okayed more tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans.
  • Failure to pass much needed infrastructure spending.
  • Recently passed a bill to defund Planned Parenthood.
  • Passed the Keystone XL Pipeline bill when they knew it would earn an insurmountable veto, thus wasting taxpayer money for a talking point.
  • Failure to raise the minimum wage.

This list of what has not been done is longer, but you get the idea. It is safe to say that the biggest accomplishment of House Republicans under Speaker Boehner is that, along with his fellow Senate Republicans, he has presided over the biggest Do Nothing Congress in our nation’s history.

What’s next for John Boehner? It’s a good bet he’s already got a cushy lobbying position waiting for him.

Ann Werner is a blogger and the author of CRAZY and Dreams and Nightmares. You can view her work at Visit her on Twitter @MsWerner and Facebook Ann Werner