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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pawsox move to Providence I-95 land is toast

Riverfront Stadium Plans — Scrapped!

Ding dong, the deal is dead. If ever there was a time for exclamation points in the header this is it! Negotiations are over. Kate Bramson of the Providence Journal finally tweeted a few moments ago,

The Pawtucket Red Sox today said that Rhode island Governor Gina Raimondo has determined that the I-195 site on the Providence River is not suitable for construction of a new ballpark. The club will therefore suspend its pursuit of that parcel, and it will cease its public campaign for the I-195 riverfront site.

The AP wire service was the first to go with this yesterday but until I saw Kate Bramson’s name attached to the statement I didn’t dare let myself get excited.

This just goes to show what the people can accomplish against seemingly insurmountable odds — sometimes the good guys win.

Big thanks to Ms. Bramson, Paul Grimaldi, John Kostrzewa, Steve Ahlquist, Victor Matheson, Arlene Violet for whipping up the rest of the state, State Representatives Blazejewski and Costa, city councilors Yurdin and Zurier, Tim Emkie, Sam Bell of the RIPDA, and “No New Stadium for Providence” whoever you are!!! (If I’m forgetting anyone let me know.)

And big thanks to State Rep. Aaron Regenburg who sent out his stunned press release earlier today starting with “Holy cow.”

. . . I think it’s a phenomenal civics lesson to all of us about the capacity of the people of Rhode Island to make their voices heard against powerful special interests, and I want to thank all the organizers and participants who together made this possible.

And now I’m going to soak all my clippings in lighter fluid and set them on fire in the driveway . . . and somebody notify John Oliver!!!!