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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Paddle with the Jellyfish. Starts Tuesday

Bioluminescent Paddles are Back!
First Paddle Scheduled for
Tuesday, August 16, 2016
Each year bioluminescent comb jellyfish return to our coastal ponds.  WPWA is excited to announce their return and host a series of your favorite night paddling programs.  The jellies were recently spotted in Ninigret Pond so we quickly secured private access to the pond to ensure you don’t miss experiencing this amazing natural phenomenon.  There’s nothing more peaceful and entertaining than paddling amidst the green flashes displayed by the jellies as your boat gently glides through the water. 
The first in a series of three paddles kicks off this Tuesday, August 16 from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. Directions to the Charlestown, RI meeting location will be provided to you following your online registration. Registration is mandatory and conducted on a first come, first served basis with a program limit of 15 participants. Due to launch constraints we will provide you with a single person kayak, life jacket and paddle at no extra cost.
Registration Information
WPWA strives to bring you guided programs in which you can feel relaxed while paddling in a setting that is typically outside the comfort zone of most paddlers.  Your trained staff has developed a safe and exciting experience that no one should miss out on.  To ensure your safety, participants must be at least 10 years old and able to paddle without assistance.  If you are a Beginner Level paddler, you’ll need to practice a bit more this summer so you can join us next year.
If you are a WPWA Otter, Osprey or Eagle level member, the program is free, so you must contact directly to register. 
All others must register online  The price is $40 per person for WPWA Dragonfly and Trout members.  Non-members will be charged $65 per person, which includes a basic WPWA Dragonfly Membership at a savings of $10.
These paddles fill up fast, so don’t hesitate and register now!  If you’re not quite sure what to expect, or want to learn a bit more about comb jellyfish, check out this YouTube video from Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge
FOR WPWA MEMBERS ONLY: If the paddle is full or you would just like to have a more intimate experience, contact to register for a private paddle for you and up to four of your friends or family.  For $275 you will be provided a knowledgeable guide, kayak, paddle, life jacket and an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.  WPWA membership by the primary registrant is required.  Not a WPWA member?  Not to worry, join now by clicking this link  
 Go to to register.  Contact Denise Poyer or 401-539-9017 with any questions.
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