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Monday, September 12, 2016

Orange is the new black

Keep your head down, too

Image result for orange hunting gear funnyIt’s just about that time of the year again, Orange Season, a.k.a. hunting season.

If you decide to wander off the beaten paths of Ninigret Park and venture into Burlingame or Arcadia and the like, keep reading.

Hikers are required to wear fluorescent orange clothing, either a hat or a vest, from September 14 to February 28, and from April 19 to May 31.

In addition, during shotgun season, December 7 through January 2, hikers are required to wear a fluorescent orange hat AND a vest. 

Yes, there are indeed a few days within the dates listed above where fluorescent orange is not mandated. But it’s probably not very prudent to invoke nuance in any discussion of shotguns and high caliber weaponry.

Image result for hunting accident cartoon

Also be aware that even if you are strolling the confines of a conservation area, it’s likely that there are private hunting properties abutting what you may think is a safe haven.

And just because you don’t see any hunters around doesn’t mean they aren’t in your neck of the woods.

Well, they are. You just don’t see them.

That’s the whole point, duh. Make sure they see you.

Stay safe. Enjoy your open space. Hey, you paid for it.