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Friday, May 4, 2018

At the Mystic Aquarium

Progress in African Penguin Conservation

Today, on shorelines of South Africa, colonies of penguins are nesting in artificial nests thanks to a worldwide collaboration. After a successful nationwide Kickstarter campaign by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), with support of its members like Mystic Aquarium, the implementation of over 2,000 artificial nests for African penguins is underway in South Africa for two of the known breeding colonies.

With the help of more than 2,200 supporters from around the world, over $193,000 was raised through the "Invest in the Nest" campaign.   

You may be wondering exactly how inviting are these nests? Well, according to the project lead for AZA, penguins 'moved' into some before they could even be placed! In fact, three nests had to be left at the assembly area since penguins had begun nesting in them while they were temporarily stored.
If, after environmental and other testing, the nests prove to be ideal for rearing chicks, a large-scale construction could begin as early as the end of this month. Ultimately, an additional 3,000 nests would be installed throughout the remaining penguin breeding colonies in South Africa to ensure nests are available for the upcoming breeding season.


Axolotls (pronounced ax-oh-LOT-ul)

We'd like to bring attention to the critically endangered axolotl, a carnivorous amphibian found exclusively in the lake Xochimilco (pronounced SO-chee-MILL-koh) complex near Mexico City. Unlike other amphibians, the axolotl never leaves the water and generally lives at the bottom of their habitat. They are a long-lived species and have been recorded to live up to 15 years. While natural threats include predatory birds, their population continues to decline due to contamination in the Xochimilco Lake complex.

Take a closer look here then crawl into the center of their exhibit at frogs! during your next Aquarium visit.  

Are you readying your garden for summer? Consider xeriscaping - a gardening method that helps minimize the use of water and energy. Here are a few tips to get you started:
  • Group plants by their water needs and place high-water plants near your drain spout or wetter areas of your property
  • Plant species native to your area as they have already naturally adapted to the climate and water conditions
  • Use mulch or composed leaves to cover plant beds which will help to retain moisture

New Partnership Boosts Communications

Prepare to comment, like and share away when exploring Jurassic Giants: A Dinosaur Adventure (and every other exhibit as well!) with campus-wide, free WiFi, courtesy of Frontier Communications.  

Now the exclusive communications provider for Mystic Aquarium and a sponsor of the roaring new exhibit – Jurassic Giants - our partnership with Frontier will allow us to better connect our guests to our mission.