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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Watchaug Pond declared "safe" for swimming again

Until the next time - and watch for falling planes
By Will Collette

Screenshot from WPRI's coverage of the plane crash
Here's a science question for you: how many kids (or irresponsible adults) can you have swimming in Watchaug Pond until you have to close it again due to e-coli bacteria? Just wondering.

And and yeah, DEM,  you can faggetaboudit with reopening the long-closed North Campground. I think Watchaug Pond has suffered enough.

This is the second time this summer that Watchaug Pond was closed due to unhealthy bacteria counts and then reopened a few days later.

Yesterday at around 5 PM, a small Connecticut seaplane took off from Westerly Airport and attempted a landing on Watchaug Pond and flipped over.

The two passengers suffered no serious injuries, but as of this morning, the plane was still floating upside down in the pond.

DEM says little if any aviation fuel leaked into the pond.

WPRI reports the pilot apparently forgot to retract the wheels when he took off and, when he tried to land on Watchaug Pond, the wheels snagged and caused the plane to flip over.

It was news to me that you can legally land seaplanes on Watchaug Pond.

The world is a dangerous place. There are sharks off the beaches, poop in the water and right-wing terrorists with automatic rifles at the markets and public gatherings. It seems the best we are willing to do is Thoughts and Prayers.