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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

June 1: On-line discussion on what RI should do after pandemic

Greg Gerritt,   Environment Council of Rhode Island

What Will Life Be Like After the Pandemic? | INSEAD KnowledgeThe Environment Council of Rhode Island  invites everyone to join us online on June 1 at 5 PM  Registration is available at 

The way COVID-19 has swept through our communities has revealed deep flaws in the structure of our communities, the effects of poverty, crowding, and inadequate healthcare, social safety nets, and infrastructure challenges have ravaged parts of the community while other neighborhoods have skated through.  

In order to build a more perfect union the rebuilding of Rhode Island and America must directly address inequality and the lack of resilience in our communities.

To further that discussion the Environment Council of Rhode Island will be joined by three eminent Rhode Island practitioners of building social capital and community infrastructure to discuss what steps we can take to create more resilient, equitable, and stronger communities.

Marcela Betancur is the Executive Director of the Latino Policy Institute at Roger Williams University where she promotes the use of nonpartisan data about Latinos in the public sphere so it can be used in setting public policy.

Amelia Rose is the Executive Director of Groundwork Rhode Island which focuses on helping urban residents develop the skills that allow them to make a good living while helping their communities become more resilient and climate ready. 

Jim Vincent Is the President of the Providence Branch of the NAACP.  He has been an active force for justice at a variety of public and non-profits in Rhode Island throughout his long and distinguished career.

The panel discussion will be moderated by Joanna Detz, the Executive Director of ecoRINews the preeminent news media covering environmental issues in Rhode Island.