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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Important events in Charlestown this week





We have two very important town government meeting during the week of April 11:

·     On Monday, April 12, the Town Council will hold their monthly meeting,

·     On Wednesday, April 14, the Town Council and the Planning Commission will hold a joint public hearing on the proposed new Comprehensive Plan.

Town Council Meeting 

The Town Council meeting agenda can be viewed here.

The supporting documents are quite important this month but we warn you that it is over 1,000 pages before you view them here.

 There is quite a list of important agenda items on the schedule.

·     Considering the contract to expand our animal shelter, tabled last month to get a legal opinion.

·     Discussion of the proposed 2021-2022 town budget prior to the budget hearing scheduled for May 3.

·     Considering the purchase of a property for open space, valued on the tax rolls at $333,600, for $900,000. An article critical of that purchase can be read here.

·     Anything regarding beach access seems to raise emotions and there are two agenda items regarding town-owned beachfront lots, beach access, and possible parking and bike racks. The details can be read in the supporting documents starting at page 558 and 809. 

Monday's meeting will be virtual, with attendance by phone or computer. Details on joining in are available in the agenda and on the town website here. 

Public Hearing on the Comprehensive Plan 

This meeting on Wednesday, April 14, is where the new Comprehensive Plan will be discussed. The agenda can be viewed here. The town website has a page with information about the Comprehensive Plan. 

Details on joining that virtual meeting are available in the agenda and on the town website here. 

The current Comprehensive Plan expired in 2013 but the Planning Commission is pushing to get the new one approved now, while in-person meetings are not permitted and before the town-wide survey, which could give valuable input, is completed. The CCA-aligned members on the Town Council argued against a public hearing on amending the ordinance regarding the Charter Revision Commission because of the pandemic, but argue that it's okay to hold a public hearing on the more important Comprehensive Plan right now. 

Roadside Litter Pick-up Day 

April 17 will be our annual roadside pick-up day. Information can be viewed here. There are more convenient drop-off options this year. Please participate!

Thank you and stay safe, Tim Quillen

Chairperson, Charlestown Residents United




Charlestown Residents United (CRU) is a Political Action Committee dedicated to providing a voice to all Charlestown residents.








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