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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Welcome to Mar-A-Lago

Don't go to Florida

By Will Collette

Ron DeSantis relaunches Presidential campaign from
inside a burning Tesla (The Onion)

Since Florida politicians ranging from Gov. Ron "Meatball" DeSantis to Sen. Rick Scott have declared blocks of the public as "unwelcome" in Florida, let's see who that leaves.

DeSantis is hostile to teachers, people who read, members of the LGBT community, immigrants, people of color, people who believe in science, feminists and anyone who believes in a woman's right to control her own body, anyone visiting Disney World and probably more. 

DeSantis wants to become President of the United States vowing to "Make America Florida."

After a number of civil rights groups issued travel warnings about DeSantis's fetishes, Sen. Rick Scott (very R) expanded the warning, declaring that the people of Florida are hostile to socialists, progressives, liberals and anyone who approves of Joe Biden.

When you ban all these populations that are distasteful to Florida, here's what you have left: