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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Green energy as art (VIDEO)

Check this out on 33 Bridges
By Will Collette

Of the handful of blogs based in Charlestown, my second favorite (after Progressive Charlestown) is 33 Bridges, by Megan Moynihan and Damara Sisti of Oyster Works. I like their website for its interesting and beautiful presentations of the wide range of things that catch their eye.

Last week, they featured a toaster that burnt the temperature and weather into your toast. In August, they featured a building that incorporated vertical axis wind turbines into the building design in a way that was not only artful but a small and economical application of green energy.

This week, they feature a solar energy installation that is itself a work of art that also can generate 20 times the amount of energy than a flat panel solar array.

Though I doubt this type of energy device would be permitted in Charlestown under the Platner Principle, it is a fine example of technological advances that are possible and indeed happening outside of Charlestown.

Here's a video with more detail on the technology: