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Monday, October 10, 2016

Looking for the right word

I wonder how the three Mrs. Trumps and the three Mrs. Giulianis feel about the one Mrs. Clinton?
Helen Philpot, from Margaret and Helen’s Blog

Image result for Trump & asshatMargaret, I wish there was a word to adequately describe Donald Trump. For the first time, I regret calling Sarah Palin a bitch.  Not because she isn’t – she is and so am I – but because I realize now the power of that word. 

It concerns me that we have a word like bitch – which seems to fit so perfectly for Sarah and for me – and yet we don’t have the equivalent word to describe a man like Trump.  Donald Trump is a…

Asshole?  Yes.  But that’s almost a compliment for him and is certainly not gender specific.

Fat ass?  Well, sure. But then again, so am I.

Jackass?  You bet.  But even that lacks the gender clarity that bitch has.

Considering everyone actually has an ass, I don’t think that word is going to pass muster for a good descriptor for Trump. We could descend into other body parts but Lord knows I don’t need to hear yet another conversation about Donald’s unmentionables. 

Donald J. Trump is not a decent person, and his indecency cannot be simplified down to one word.

All the worst words seem to fit but the whole of Donald Trump is just greater than the  sum of  all those words. Clearly the man is not right in the head. He is fundamentally flawed – Big League. But a word to describe him escapes me.

We now know that he humiliated a 19-year-old girl because she didn’t conform to his definition of beauty. No positive encouragement when she gained weight – public humiliation was Trump’s choice for corrective action. 

One woman out of billions was crowned Miss Universe that year and Donald still found a way to criticize her looks. 

This man is a misogynist, yes, but that one word falls way short when you consider he also made fun of a disabled person and attacked the grieving parents of a soldier killed in battle only to then accept someone else’s Purple Heart and joke how easy it was to get.  I didn’t make any of this up, honey. This man is a…

I still can’t find the word.

Before the debates, I was watching the news, something akin to watching an episode of the Twilight Zone these days, and a member of Trump’s campaign team, Kellyanne something, casually mentioned Hillary’s questionable health. 

As if Hillary is going to drop dead at any minute, but Trump, a sniffling sack of cholesterol, is the epitome of fitness.  

So here is my question: Are we concerned about her health because she is old or because she is a woman or both?  Either way, the fact that Republicans even care about a woman’s health is truly remarkable considering up until now they’ve been closing down women’s health clinics faster than Chris Christie closes bridges.

I saw a movie last night that I wish everybody could see.  In a year where two senior citizens are running for President, no one is talking about the real health, financial and social  concerns that senior citizens face every day.  Thank goodness Rosemary Rodriguez made her movie, Silver Skies.  At least somebody is having the conversation.

But with Donald we get conversations about sexism, racism, egoism… Anything but humanism and humanitarianism. How is this race even close?  

Donald thinks he won the debate and he is now stating that Hillary Clinton is stuck in the past.  This from a man who wants to roll back civil rights, remove reproductive rights,  reverse environmental protections, and decrease the minimum wage. Bless his heart but that man is a…

Damn it.  What is the word?

Now I hear in the next debate Donald plans to attack Hillary for how she handled her husband’s infidelity. According to Rudy Giuliani, Trump should have done it in the first debate. This from two men who have had 6 wives and at least four affairs between them. Giuliani is definitely an asshole.  The word just fits him. But Trump…. Trump is… Trump is a… 

Maybe Hillary can have a summit with the three Mrs. Trumps and the three Mrs. Giulianis to determine how best to handle the issue of infidelity. I bet they all can’t decide if there is one best way to handle such a personal issue, but I bet they all would agree that Donald probably shouldn’t have an opinion on the matter.

I guess Trump is simply TRUMP.  He is just too foul for words.  I mean it.  Really.

I believe the word you are looking for is Asshat.  Oh, and I am glad you saw Silver Skies.  I just love George Hamilton and doesn’t Mariette Hartley still look fantastic.  Too bad those two aren’t running for President.