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Monday, September 25, 2023

Likely government shut down looms – September 30 deadline

MAGA Republicans endanger Americans


Rep. Seth Magaziner (RI-02) will hold a press conference tomorrow to describe the effects a MAGA-driven shutdown will have on Rhode Islanders to encourage House Republican leadership to take action to avert this manufactured crisis.


House Republican Leadership is threatening to shut the government down despite the fact that both parties in Congress and President Biden already agreed to a deal on government spending levels for the coming year. 

The decision of House Republicans to back out of the deal they agreed to is jeopardizing services and pay for thousands of working Rhode Islanders.


A government shutdown would have devastating consequences for working Rhode Islanders, which includes:


  • Forcing Servicemembers and Law Enforcement Officers to Work Without Pay: All active-duty military personnel and many law enforcement officers would be required to work without pay.
  • Worsening Social Security and Medicare Backlog for Seniors: Many Social Security workers would be furloughed, causing significant delays in the processing of benefits.
  • Denying Food Assistance for Women and Children: Some of the nearly 7 million women and children who count on WIC, including nearly 18,000 in Rhode Island, would soon start being turned away at grocery store counters with funds drying up to operate the program.
  • Putting Travelers’ Safety at Risk: Air traffic controllers and TSA Officers would have to work without pay which could lead to staffing shortages that threatens travelers’ safety. 
  • Endangering Workers: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) would be forced to limit workplace inspections, putting worker safety at risk, and Americans who are owed back pay for their hard work would face delays due to the majority of Department of Labor investigations being suspended.
  • Eliminating Head Start Slots for Kids: 10,000 children across the country would immediately lose access to Head Start, affecting early childhood development and the ability for parents to go to work.
  • Threatening Food Safety: The Food and Drug Administration could be forced to delay food safety inspections for a wide variety of products all across the country.
  • Impairing Disaster Response: A Republican shutdown would create an increased risk that FEMA’s Disaster Relief Fund is depleted and would complicate new emergency response efforts if additional catastrophic disasters occur. 
  • Undermining Public Health and Environmental Protections: Most EPA-led inspections at hazardous waste sites as well as drinking water and chemical facilities would stop. EPA would halt oversight and review of permits and plans to ensure safe drinking water and clean air in communities. Additionally, efforts to address dangerous contaminants like PFAS—which are linked to severe health effects, including cancer—would be delayed, and cleanup activities at Superfund sites would slow or cease.  

Rep. Magaziner stands ready to work with anyone in order to keep the government open. House Republicans must take immediate action and work with Democrats to stop an unnecessary shutdown.