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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lawrence and Memorial Managers cut off health insurance for locked-out nurses and technicians

Help Nurses and Caregivers Locked Out at L&M Hospital
By Matt O’Connor
EDITOR’S NOTE: The New London Day reported L&M management cancelled health insurance for the 800 locked out union nurses and medical technicians on Dec. 1, offering them continued coverage only by paying the full cost of the policy. That’s tricky when you are also no longer receiving a paycheck. The union charges that Connecticut law requires management to give 20 days’ notice before cutting off benefits. This adds to the long list of unfair, if not illegal, practices by L&M bosses.

Nearly 800 registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and healthcare techs and technologists at L&M Hospital have been locked out by the corporation that owns the community hospital. The community they serve has been asking how they can help in this, their most difficult time.

Help them continue to make this stand by making a donation today. Your support will be a vital part of their lifeline so that they don’t have to choose between putting food on the table or keeping the heat on at home during the corporation’s lockout.

These caregivers have lost their medical insurance and their incomes. Many are single parents and -- before the lockout -- were the only source of income for their families. 

The community understands that our members are standing up to the management of the hospital, not for themselves alone, but for their patients, their families, and all of the people of the greater New London region. 

Click here to access the AFT Militancy/Defense Fund and make a secure, online contribution with your credit card.