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Friday, July 13, 2018

From the Mystic Aquarium

Splash into discovery!

Roll up your sleeves and get your hands wet at our new exhibit,
Discover Long Island Sound

Explore a nearly 12-foot long water table complete with fun activities including a waterwheel, rain cloud, interactive dams and more. This interactive water table models the Connecticut River watershed and offers a tactile and free-play experience, especially for younger guests, all while illustrating the connections, dynamics and human impacts from rivers to the sea.
Local invertebrates in the touch experience include sea stars, whelks, horseshoe crabs and a variety of other crab species. Additionally, you can get an up-close look at species like fish, lobster, urchins and more.

To maximize the fully-immersive experience, guests will be able to explore the diverse species and habitats, travel the Sound through an interactive map, discover underwater habitats and more through a variety of touch screen interactive elements as you Discover Long Island Sound - right here at Mystic Aquarium.  


Giant Japanese Spider Crab

With this crustacean, the name says it all! 
Found in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan, this crab species has been known to have a leg span of over 12 feet and can weigh 40 plus pounds. While primarily omnivorous, it has been known to scavenge dead animals along the ocean floor.
Be sure to see this cool crustacean in Weird & Wonderful during your next visit. Until then, click the image to check out a time-lapse of our spider crab molting!
Watch this spider crab molt!

As a thank you for their service to our country, Mystic Aquarium is offering FREE admission to United States military veterans and active-duty service members now through July 31, 2018. Must present military ID, DD214 or Veterans Administration card at time of purchase. Family members with a U.S. military dependent ID receive a discounted admission rate. Details here.

Reduce your vacation carbon footprint by following these simple tips:
  • Reduce travel emissions by using public transportation, biking or walking
  • Shop local to enjoy the area's culture all while helping reduce carbon emissions
  • BYOBags and other reusable items including a water bottle, straws and utensils
  • Leave it BETTER than you found it and pick up trash as you explore your vacation destination

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