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Monday, February 1, 2021

RI Rep Justin Price must RESIGN!

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 By Will Collette

Kristen Chambers of Richmond started a petition on to Justin Price demanding that he resign.

Here is the reasoning behind the petition:

On January 6th, domestic terrorists stormed the US Capitol in an attempt to overthrow the government of the United States.

Yesterday, Rhode Island Representative Justin Price (Exeter, Richmond, Hopkinton) admitted on Twitter that he was at the Capitol with the violent mob when the building was stormed. 

After people started noticing what he said, Rep. Price was quick to say that he did not technically go *inside* the Capitol building, but he has REFUSED to answer whether or not he crossed police lines and how close he got to the Capitol building. 

He has since DEFENDED the domestic terrorists who went inside the capitol and blamed the attack on left-wing infiltrators, a completely disproven attempt by people like Rep. Price to deflect from his role in instigating this violent insurrection and attack on our country.

Not only was Rep. Price AT the attack on the US Capitol, but his anti-American actions and promotion of far-right conspiracy theories DIRECTLY CONTRIBUTED to the attack on the Capitol.

Rep. Price is a traitor to our state and to our country. He has broken the oath he took to protect and serve the Constitution and is an active threat to our democracy! Rep. Price must resign immediately and cannot be allowed to represent us in the RI House of Representatives.

<end of petition text>

If that wasn't enough to want to boot him, Price's record in the General Assembly offers lots more reasons. Let's look at some of his legislative history:

His 2020 version of his annual anti-vaccination bill: House Bill No. 7823.

His 2019 bill to continue to investigate "chem-trails": House Resolution No. 5226

His 2019 anti-abortion funding bill: House Bill No. 5599

His 2019 bill to prohibit "chem-trails": House Bill No. 5992

His 2018 bill to begin the investigation of "chem-trails": House Resolution No. 7408

His 2018 anti-vaccination bill: House Bill No. 7704

His 2017 "chem-trails" bill: House Bill No. 5607

His 2017 anti-vaccination bill: House Bill No. 5681

Here's a whopper: his 2017 bill to allow a motorist to run down a protester who is blocking traffic: House Bill No. 5690

Another 2017 version of anti-vaccination legislation: House Bill No. 5986

Another 2017 "chem-trails" bill, this one creating a "Special Legislative Study Commission." This bill passed, because (I think) the leadership figuring this would make him shut up and that he'd be the only person on the Commission: House Resolution No. 6011  SUB A

In 2016, he introduced two anti-vax bills: House Bill No. 7475 and House Bill No. 7476

Nothing of interest in 2015, Price's first year in the General Assembly.

You can see from the list of bills he has sponsored that Price really has a thing about "chem-trails." Chem-trails are the contrails of passing jets that, according to far-right conspiracy theorists are loaded with chemicals that do something bad to our brains, like making us communists or gay or anti-gun or whatever. 

Wikipedia summarizes the various effects conspiracy theorists attribute to chem-trails:

Those who subscribe to the theory speculate that the purpose of the chemical release may be solar radiation management, weather modificationpsychological manipulationhuman population controlbiological or chemical warfare, or testing of biological or chemical agents on a population, and that the trails are causing respiratory illnesses and other health problems.

Price actually uses some of this terminology in his five pieces of chem-trail legislation.

Price's other big legislative passion is blocking state schools from vaccinating children. His various bills across the span of his brief career all involve creating loopholes to permit anti-vaxxers to block vaccinations for their kids. 

Price introduces very little legislation of his own and almost none of it, except a few municipal bills, gets passed. He co-sponsors legislation introduced by some of his crazier Republican sponsors and is out-spoken on many issues - especially guns.

For example, in 2018, he was one of only two state reps to vote against legislation outlawing the use of the "gay panic" or "trans panic" defense in murder cases. This is where the killer claims he was startled to discover the person he was dating was actually not the gender he expected.